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Tooth Extraction by Lynn F Ascher DMD in Salisbury, MD


Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Salisbury, Maryland

You can count on Dr. Lynn Ascher of Salisbury, Maryland, to provide a fast, efficient wisdom tooth extraction procedure while working to ensure minimal pain for you following the procedure.
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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The process will start when your regular dentist refers you for oral surgery once the decision is made that your wisdom teeth must be removed. Your first visit will be to discuss your medication, medical history and how your teeth will be extracted.
During the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, you may want to take advantage of sedation, including nitrous oxide and other sedatives. Our office accepts dental insurance, private payments, and most major medical insurance. Our staff will work hard to help you to get the maximum benefit from your dental insurance.
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Consultation and Diagnosis

Your dentist has referred you to my office for an oral surgery evaluation and possible treatment. My practice will review your medical and dental history, chief complaint(s), and study all X-rays. It is sometimes necessary to have additional X-rays taken in order to provide a three dimensional view of the tooth or teeth in question.
The goals of an oral surgery evaluation are:
  1. Determine if you are in need of oral surgery treatment
  2. To identify any medical condition and/or medication issue that must be addressed prior to your surgery
For your safety our office features:
  • Our office meet or exceeds all OSHA standards of sterilization and infection control
  • Disposable covers and medical supplies
  • Protective clothing: masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles
  • State of the art sterilization techniques and monitoring
  • Continuing education for staff in infection control and CPR
Additional Services
  • Wisdom teeth
  • surgical tooth extractions
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Oral biopsy